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Police K9 Miky & Officer Rushkoski

R.I.P. K9 Miky​

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The Saugerties Police Department is currently comprised of two canines. Sara is a dual purpose dog utilized for patrol and narcotic detection. Sara’s handler is Sergeant Michael Craft. The K9 unit is deployed for various functions including tracking, crowd control, building and narcotic searches, and public relations. The police department and the community continue to benefit from the specialized service that the unit affords in the field of law enforcement.


A new addition to the Saugerties Police K-9 team. Canine "Mikey" and his handler Officer Jermey Rushkoski. Mikey is a duel purpose dog tarined in explosives detection and patrol. The canine was procurred through a grant from DHS. In November Mikey will graduate from canine school and join the patrol division.

  • Discover illicit drugs, explosives, chemicals and other illegal substances
  • Find and resuce individuals that are missing or have been kidnapped
  • Track and apprehend fugitives fleeing from the law
  • Discover cadavers that have been burdied or left in the wilderness
  • Locate evidence from crime scenes
  • Inspect vehicles
  • Deter criminals who might otherwise confront or assault a police officer
  • Identify people who have beening carrying or have been in contact with illegal drugs and controlled substances

K9 Unit

Police K9 Sara & Sergeant Craft